Transformed! Challenge Coin Bottle Openers

Transformed! Challenge Coin Bottle Openers

Challenge coin bottle openers give your brand extra exposure

Today, everyone appreciates a multifaceted product. Our smartphones double as computers, flashlights, cameras, and more. Pens double as laser pointers and styluses. Well, now we can add one more multifaceted item to the list; the challenge coin bottle opener. These two products have their own individual appeal but are something special and unforgettable. 

The ability to crack open a cold beverage with a custom challenge coin has its own charm. However, adding a bottle opener to your challenge coin isn't as simple as just swapping out colors or changing the plating option. 

Whether cutting out your own coin or shaping the edge into a bottle opener, challenge coin bottle openers face challenges in terms of the design. But with a little planning and a few tips, you can create a custom challenge coin bottle opener that will be eye-catching and used for years to come. 

Challenge coin bottle openers are personal and functional, a meaningful token that will start conversations. Challenge coin bottle openers have a circular, rectangular, or oval shape. Like with any other challenge coin, the design options are entirely up to the customer. There will be a cut placed within the coin used as the bottle opener. Compact, sturdy, and useful, they can open virtually any bottle. 

Here's a quick bit of information about how a bottle opener is added to a coin. A bottle opener can be added internally or externally. External bottle openers are shaped along the coin's edge as part of the overall shape. As for internal bottle openers, the coins feature a cutout from the coin's center and can catch a bottle cap and comfortably flip it open. External openers have a specific shape, which will cut down on some of the customization options for the coin edge.

Bottle openers will change the shape of your coin. Whether you opt for an internal or external opener, your coin design will need to accommodate the opener's shape. How well you integrate your design with the shape will determine how well your coin is going to look. Size does matter too. You will need some leverage on your coin to open a bottle. 2” is usually the most available size for challenge coin bottle openers. This will also provide more space to include details and elements such as text, logos, and images. 

Now that you understand integrating internal and external bottle openers let's see how that can influence your design. When designing a coin, it's important to decide if a symmetrical design matters. Do you mind losing design space from the center or the edge of your coin? Keep this in mind and have a cohesive vision for your design. This will help you design what the best options are for your design. Internal and external openers have different features that will alter the look of your coin. 

Most designs with an internal bottle opener have a straightforward appearance that looks more like a traditional bottle opener. On the other hand, external openers have a curved edge that adds to a coin design. However, this can be hard to work around, which is why many choose to customize the actual coin's shape fully. Adding an opener to your coin can be tricky. But treating the shape of a bottle opener as a feature rather than an obstacle will help in your design. Some use internal bottle openers as an innovative feature for their designs. Think creatively and come with new ideas that integrate the look of a custom bottle opener as both a visual element. 

At, we even offer wooden bottle openers. These openers can be created with the same personalization as challenge coins. This is a unique way to put a spin on an ordinary coin, offering something lightweight, functional, and striking. Wooden bottle openers are a great alternative to standard bottle openers. Their rustic feel is unique, and the look is intriguing thanks to the special opener attachment on the underside. Crafted into a 2.5" birch wood disc, wooden bottle openers are great items for giveaways, breweries, outdoor businesses, and organizations. 

Of course, we also offer wooden challenge coins, which are perfect for marketing promotion. Wooden challenge coins are distinct and offer a simple gesture that will be displayed and spoken about with pride. Challenge coins are great, but challenge coin bottle openers are a perfect memento that combines tradition and purpose. 

Adding a bottle opener to your challenge coin is a great way to take your design to a new level. Sure, they can be challenging to work with, but it's an interactive personalization that will go a long way. Whether you are creating something for the military, law enforcement, firefighters, nonprofits, or just a local business, we can help. We specialize in custom challenge coins, and we'd be honored to work with you. 

To learn more about our products, including challenge coin bottle openers, call us toll-free at 1 (855) 272-8451 or email us. It's that simple.

Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty


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