Use Challenge Coins As Business Cards

Use Challenge Coins As Business Cards

Custom challenge coins are an effective alternative to paper business cards

Business cards are, and have been, the standard for trading contact information. Important, tangible, and effective, business cards have come a long way. However, just because they are an icon doesn't mean they are the best tool for the job. 

Most cards are bland and understated, though some use more intricate designs to catch our attention. These days, businesses, brands, organizations, and more are using custom challenge coins as a way to get their information to the world. 

Here are some great reasons to use custom challenge coins as business cards. A first impression can make or break a sales opportunity. For many, business cards get misplaced easily or shuffled into an unorganized pile that will never be seen again. 

Custom coins are a bit different. It's easy to see their value and feel their quality, thanks to a satisfying weight and cool metal touch. Textured letters and artwork add depth to the coin, while a range of plating options can make your coin stand out among the rest. 

Challenge coins are crafted from durable metals like steel and brass. They are tough and durable, resistant to scratches and dents, unaffected by things like water or sun exposure. Business cards can bend, fade, and easily get stained while challenge coins maintain their shine and vibrant colors. 

When creating a series of custom challenge coins, consider designs that will have lasting value. The value of a series design comes from saving money on mold fees when reordering and saving time during production. 

Custom challenge coins also provide you with a wide range of options for your information. This could include information like names, emails, physical addresses, websites, logos, and so much more. 

Coins offer a variety of combinations for artwork and text, which means your imagination only limits your design. These custom coins can also be great for marketing purposes, employee incentive programs, fundraising efforts, and much more. Include company logos, colors, and slogans. Add branded artwork and promote awareness for your business as well. 

Using challenge coins as business cards is a unique break from tradition. Hand them out at a conference or after a quick chat with a potential client. People will always remember where it came from.

At ChallengeCoins4Less, we make designing custom challenge coins easy and painless. Our team of incredible graphic artists and designers will work with you to ensure you get the perfect custom coin for your particular needs. 

Get a free quote or give us an email with your design. Let us take care of your next custom challenge coin order! 

Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty


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