Using Challenge Coins for Fitness Motivation

Using Challenge Coins for Fitness Motivation

Custom challenge coins can give fitness clients the motivation they need to make their goals a reality.

A new year is fast approaching, which means it’s almost time for people to start adding items such as “lose weight” and “get fit” to their list of New Year’s resolutions. The only issue is that New Year’s resolutions are more likely to be forgotten than achieved, which is why challenge coins are a great way to motivate people to reach their fitness goals!

Clients are more likely to stick to a fitness routine with accountability and encouragement along the way from personal trainers, coaches, and gym owners. Custom challenge coins can give them the motivation they need to make their resolutions come true!

Motivate New Clients with Personalized Challenge Coins

Gyms experience an influx of new members at the beginning of the year and tend to lose them over time. Encourage newer clients to stick to the program with personalized challenge coins!

Design a challenge coin with your gym’s logo and a motto, motivating phrase, or your member’s specific goal. Personal trainers can keep clients accountable by encouraging them to keep their challenge coin where they’ll see it often as a positive reminder of their goals.

Reward Clients with Challenge Coins for Achieving Goals

When your gym members hit a personal best, lose ten pounds, or otherwise achieve their set goals, use challenge coins as a unique gift for positive reinforcement. Not only will clients feel rewarded for how they look and feel, they will feel recognized for their hard work!

Just like earning belt colors in martial arts, clients will feel motivated to make progress and earn their next challenge coin. Reward your newer clients for taking the next step after boot camps and beginner classes to full membership with a personalized challenge coin. A literal token of their hard work will give them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Recognize Participants in Weight Loss Competitions at Work with Challenge Coins

“New year, new you” isn’t just limited to gym memberships. January often comes with weight loss and step challenge competitions in the office. Motivate employees to get moving by designing team challenge coins! Challenge coins can encourage office participation, comradery, healthy rivalry, and personal motivation.

Even after the competition is done, employees can keep their challenge coin at their desks all year long as a reminder that their journey to health and fitness is never over.

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