Which Challenge Coin Display Should I Choose?

Blogger - May 3, 2019
Which Challenge Coin Display Should I Choose?

You have a nice coin collection you’ve built up throughout the years as a service member or collector, and now you just need a fancy challenge coin display to show your collection to the world.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options around the internet to display your coins – whether you want to show off dozens of coins at once or you’d just like a special display for a favorite coin. Let’s look at some of the coin displays that are available out there.

Small Displays

Challenge Coin Display Dome – FineHomeDisplays.com

A unique and creative display for a single coin. With a metal stand, wooden base, and domed glass cover, this challenge coin display is great for showing off a special coin as the centerpiece of your collection. Plus, for any Disney fans out there, this display gives off some serious “Beauty & the Beast” vibes. Just be sure to learn the true meaning of love before your time runs out with this display.

2-Coin Inkline Coin Display – CoinDisplays.com

A wooden display with a metal stand, this display shows off two round coins. This website also offers engraving, so you can personalize your stand with a custom logo or message. This display is also available with multiple wood grains, meaning you can customize the look of the display to match your coins.

3D Frame – sfDisplay.com

This military coin holder offers two transparent silicone membranes that hold a single large coin or up to 4 smaller coins. The transparent silicone means you can see both sides of the coin(s), making this display perfect for a desk or table. Don’t leave one side of your favorite coin hidden to the world with this challenge coin display!

Pentagon Single Challenge Coin Display – Made4Heroes.com

A simple, elegant display for a single challenge coin. Available in two wood styles, the pentagon display is perfect for showing off your favorite coin. Bonus points if the coin is related to the Pentagon in Washington D.C. in some way!

Medium Displays

Custom Military Challenge Coin Display Case – RelicWood.com

Not just a stand, this military coin holder is a case you can pack up and bring with you to display your collection on the go! The company offering this case, Relic Wood, also offers a number of optional extras, allowing you to further customize your display to your liking.

Challenge Coin Display – CForbesInc.com

A tiered wooden display with room for plenty of coins, this military coin display case looks great on a desk or shelf.

5-row Challenge Coin Stand Holder Rack – ChallengeCoinDisplayCases.com

A 5-row challenge coin display that can either sit on a desk or shelf, or be mounted on the wall. The display comes pre-built, so there’s no assembly required, and it has two brackets on the back, making it ready for hanging.

Large Displays

56 Military Challenge Coin Display Case Cabinet Rack Holder – Decomil.com

This military challenge coin display case holds up to 56 coins and features a rich mahogany finish. The glass door protects your coins and keeps them looking sharp on a desk or hanging on the wall. Decomil ships the display completely assembled and with mounting brackets on the back, so it’s ready to display as soon as it arrives!

Dark Oak Spinning Challenge Coin Holder – TheCaseworks.com

The pyramid style of this case makes it easy to display a large number of coins in a unique and convenient way. Available in a dark oak finish, this military coin holder looks great in the middle of a desk or table. The display spins, allowing you to show off your coins no matter where you’re standing.

Large 108 Challenge Coin Display Case Cabinet – DisplayGifts.com

Have a giant coin collection and need a way to display them all? This large 108-coin display looks great on the wall and shows off ALL of your coins at once! Available in three colors – mahogany, black, and oak – this display is ready to hang on a wall as soon as it’s out of the box!

Hopefully this gives you some more ideas about how to display your coin collection to the world. Each website offers plenty of other options for coin displays, so browse around and find the case that best suits your needs.

Don’t forget that when it comes to the challenge coins themselves, Challenge Coins 4 Less has what you need to design some great-looking custom coins! Give us a call toll-free at 855-272-8451 or fill out our free quote form for more information.

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