You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Quality for Cheap Challenge Coins

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Quality for Cheap Challenge Coins

If you're shopping for challenge coins, you don't have to settle for poor quality. Here's how to get great-looking cheap challenge coins.

We’ve all heard the old cliché, “you get what you pay for.”  For many things, it’s true there’s a direct link between price and quality.

However, with custom challenge coins, that’s not necessarily true. With a little planning and a good supplier  it’s entirely possible to get first-rate cheap custom challenge coins.

“Cheap” Doesn’t Have to Mean Low Quality

Let’s be clear about one thing: when we say “cheap,” we’re not talking about poor quality coins with muddy colors and sloppy images. We’re saying it’s possible to get great-looking, first rate custom coins at affordable prices. It’s all about value.

Remember, custom coins, no matter their price, should mean something to the recipients. There’s no room for poorly executed designs that don’t look great. Each coin should be something the people who receive them can carry and display proudly, either in their home or office.

Today’s computer-assisted design and modern production technology make it possible to get first rate coins on just about any budget. Let’s take a look at the factors that influence the price of challenge coins, and what you can do to get the most value for your money.

Start With The Basics

There are three main factors to consider in the price of custom challenge coins: coin size, order size and detailing. Each of these can significantly change the cost of your coins.

Size Matters

The Number One factor is the size of the coins you want. It’s a simple rule – the bigger the coin, the more it will cost. Bigger coins require more material, so they cost more to make.

If a smaller coin is appropriate for your needs, that will help keep your order cost within budget. Most challenge coins are typically 1.75” to 2” in diameter. That’s the size range that offers the best blend of legibility, attractive design and cost. 

Scaling down your coin to a smaller size such as 1.5” is doable if your design is relatively simple. It could be too limiting for a very intricate design, however. 

The Size of Your Order Matters

You might think that the fewer coins you order, the less they will cost. It’s a bit more complicated than that, thanks to volume discounts.

Any reputable coin provider will offer price breaks at specific order quantities. The more coins you order, the less each individual coin will cost. This can give you a significant advantage in some cases.

For example, let’s say you need 75 die-struck coins. If you order 75, they’ll cost $473.25. However, if you order 100 coins, the price per coin drops significantly, so you’ll pay only $379, thanks to a price break at that quantity. You’d save $94.25 and have more coins. The bigger your order, the more you save per coin. 

Details To Consider

Beyond those two main factors, coin pricing is determined largely by design factors. Some of those include:

Coin Shape

A standard round coin will give you the most “bang for your buck.” It’s the most common, least expensive way to go.

You’re not limited to round coins, though. We can produce coins in virtually any shape you want, from a telephone to an aircraft carrier and just about anything in between. They will be more expensive, but they do add an air of distinction and exclusivity to your design.

To Color or Not To Color

Die struck coins with a polished finish are the most economical style. This is the classic look for most military coins. It’s a timeless, elegant look that fits military awards, police and fire department coins and much more. Most coin providers will give you a choice of metal colors. You can select an antiqued finish for a more formal style.

Adding color to your coins gives them a distinctive, bold look. These coins will be more expensive than the die struck style, but can still be a highly effective way to personalize your coin design. You can add color to one or both sides of your coins.

If you choose to add color, keep in mind that most coin providers provide five to seven colors free. Try to keep your design within those limits if you’re on a budget. Additional colors are available at a reasonable cost. Ask your sales representative for details.

If you want to add some color on a very tight budget, consider a plating color other than the standard brass of die struck coins. You can choose from a range of different plating colors to add a different look without resorting to the added expense of full color designs. This works especially well for backgrounds or linework. 

Choose Your Coin Provider Wisely

Keep in mind that your choice of coin provider can greatly affect the price of your custom coins. At, we don’t charge for artwork or revisions, unlike some competitors. This helps keep your coins affordable, while ensuring that your coins will look exactly the way you want before you finalize your order.

We believe you should spend your money on your coins, not on shipping. That’s why we offer free shipping to any address within the contiguous United States. That can result in significant savings, especially if you place a large coin order.

It’s All About Value

At, we are proud to offer our customers the best value in custom coins that you’ll find anywhere. In our 20 years in business, we’ve worked with customers with every kind of budget, large, small and in-between. The common factor among all of them is that we are dedicated to giving you the highest quality coins you can get for the price.

We’re always conscious of the fact that challenge coins are meant to be valued keepsakes with great meaning for the recipients. You don’t have to sacrifice either price or quality when you buy cheap challenge coins from us.

We’re happy to discuss ways you can get the most coins for your budget, and ways to get the finest looking coins you can buy. Call or email us and let us show you just how affordable first-rate custom challenge coins can be.

Rick Cundiff

Rick Cundiff

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