A Closer Look! The Purpose Of Challenge Coins

A Closer Look! The Purpose Of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins can serve multiple functions -- keepsake, morale booster, reward for outstanding performance

Challenge coins are custom-made coins that represent a team or an organization. What started as a military tradition evolved into something much bigger. Challenge coins are used as proof of membership, a commemoration of respect and honor, and even a marketing tool. Today we take a closer look at the purpose of challenge coins.

Challenge coins started in the military. These pocked-sized medallions were originally presented to service members as a gift of honor. They are still used by the military, commemorating special events, missions and building camaraderie. 

Challenge Coin Composition and Design

Typically, challenge coins are crafted from brass or zinc with plating options such as copper, gold, or silver. Military coins feature mottos and symbols that are significant to specific units. They represent morale and dedication, and today, many organizations use them in a similar fashion. 

Challenge coins are commonly circular in design. They can, however,  be produced in virtually any shape that you can imagine. Custom challenge coins have grown in popularity over the years. They are often used by schools, companies, and even teams. They are often seen with logos and emblems, as well as significant locations and dates.

The most popular plating options are gold and nickel, and an array of other finishes are available. From copper and nickel to black nickel and duo-tone options, challenge coins have plenty of choices. You can even add color to the coin for an added pop. 

A Military Tradition Lives On

Challenge coins are still a big part of military life. They are used by the highest ranks in the military, all the way up to the Commander in Chief, the president of the United States. The coins are typically presented to service members for their sacrifice and dedication. These coins are a token of honor and keepsakes for the recipients. Presidential challenge coins are commonly given to foreign dignitaries and military personnel. 

Custom-designed coins have expanded outside of the military. Today government agencies, businesses, and nonprofits of all sorts are making use of challenge coins. They are a cost-effective way of marketing and promoting, and are also great for awards, team building, and more. 

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