A Guide To Challenge Coin Costs and Pricing

Multiple factors affect the pricing of custom challenge coins

When ordering custom challenge coins, you have tons of options. The artwork, imagery, and text you include are key components. Designing a challenge coin is an easy process, but one thing to consider is your budget. With a little bit of planning, you can order affordable coins that look great and that recipients will carry and display proudly.

Before pricing custom coins, consider the purpose of the challenge coin itself. The type of coin you create will affect the features and extra details you want to add. Will the coin be made for a veteran? Do you need challenge coins for your business? Don’t skimp on important details.

Factors Affecting Coin Pricing

There are three primary influences on the cost of custom coins: order quantity, coin size, and the details. Understanding these factors can be helpful. 

Let’s start with the details. The complexity of your design plays a role in the size of your coin. Bigger coins cost more, though you can often make the same impact with a smaller, more economical coin.

The mold fee can be a significant factor in the price of your custom coins. However, many providers waive this fee above a specific order quantity, typically 300 or more coins. Ordering more coins also reduces the per-unit cost of each coin, which can also create significant savings on the total cost of your order.

Size matters when it comes to the look and price of a challenge coin. The most common sizes for challenge coins range from 1.5" to 3" in diameter. Larger coins require larger molds and extra material, which means a higher cost. 

If you have a simple yet striking design, scaling back to 1.5" coins can be more cost-effective. Adjusting to a smaller size is a easy way to save money, although it can make your coin less distinctive. 

Color Doesn’t Have to Cost

Adding color doesn’t have to increase the price of your coins. Most coin providers allow up to five colors at no extra charge, with additional colors available for a slight extra cost.

Additional details such as diamond-cut edges, cut-outs, and other options can raise the price of your coins. If you’re on a tight budget, the classic die-struck coin look offers a straightforward elegance all its own.

It’s not hard to order great-looking affordable custom challenge coins that will fit both your style and your budget. Your custom coin provider can work with you to provide you with first-rate coins that won’t break your budget.

Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty


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