How much is the mold fee, and why is the fee waived for higher quantity orders?

The mold fee starts at $100 and goes up according to the size of the coins you’re ordering. We understand it’s a lot, so once your order is big enough to offset the cost of the mold-making process, we waive it for you!

Manufacturing custom challenge coins requires a lot of prep work and raw materials. We start by making a brand-new mold of your design, which is then used as the die for the minting process. Since everything we do is custom, this mold is unique to your order, and requires the expertise of our talented metalworkers to craft from scratch before starting your run of coins. The price fluctuates according to size simply due to the amount of raw material needed for larger molds and coins.

Think of your mold fee as the seed money to get the ball rolling at the factory, covering all the pre-production costs and compensating our craftsmen for their time and skill in making sure your coins’ mold is pristine for production.

coin molds
Sample Mold Before Plating with 3D.

That being said, we understand it can seem like a hefty fee on top of the price of the coins themselves. We want to save you every penny we possibly can, so at 300 coins or more we’ll waive the mold fee for your order! This isn’t some arbitrary choice of course. We crunched the numbers, and between the cost of time, materials, and labor, 300 is the sweet spot that makes sure our workers get paid without you having to front the bill.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of our mold fee pricing for standard size challenge coins. Remember: this only applies to orders in quantities up to 299. Orders of 300 or more are simply priced per coin.

Coin Size (inches) Fee
1.50" $100
1.75" $125
2.00" $150
2.25" $175
2.50" $200
2.75" $225
3.00" $250

*Coins over 3.00" will need to be custom quoted.