Celebrating Teamwork With Corporate Coins 

Celebrating Teamwork With Corporate Coins 

Challenge coins are a relatively new business trend. Companies are adopting custom coins to market and promote their brands.

Challenge coins are a relatively new trend with businesses. Companies are adopting custom coins for marketing and promotional purposes, and as a tool to engage employees, customers, and potential clients. Challenge coins grab attention, in an informative and memorable way.

At ChallengeCoins4Less.com we have produced challenge coins of all kinds. From large corporations and companies, to small businesses and local shops, we understand the benefits of custom challenge coins. We recently worked with Mainline Sales Inc. to design a custom challenge coin for their business.

This particular challenge coin is a classic design with simple details. It’s a great example of a corporate challenge coin, offering descriptive details, a sharp layout, and striking features. The design serves as a symbol of the synergy between two companies and represents the products and services that both offer. 

Celebrating Business

Custom coins are designed with a specific purpose. Well-designed coins include detailed information and imagery. This coin for the Mainline Sales Inc. symbolized the company’s work with the OC Pump Company. The front represents Mainline Sales Inc., while the reverse side is dedicated to the OC Pump Company.

The challenge coin represents the two companies working together on a project, showcasing what each business does. The coin has a simple yet functional look, incorporating details from both businesses. The front and the rear are quite different, boasting different details and color schemes for each company. The coin features a classic round shape with an antique silver bass, while colorful elements on the front and rear add a contrasting touch. Both sides feature accenting text and imagery that provides important information about each business. 

The front of the coin includes the Mainline Sales Inc. logo in the center on a white background. A medium blue border encircles the logo and features text reading "California," "Arizona," "Nevada," and "Hawaii." This represents the four states in which the company operates. The blue and white color scheme has a bold contrast that draws attention to the central logo. 

Round coin with Mainline Sales Inc. logo on white background, surrounded by blue border

The reverse of the coin takes on a darker color scheme, thanks to the large dark border. The back of the coin features the OC Pump Company's orange logo in the center in colorful detail. A white background accents the logo, which is bordered by a dark ring. . The ring includes text that reads "OC Pump Company '' along the top and "Established 1948" across the bottom. This serves as a nod to the past and the longevity of the business. The color scheme is unique and appealing.

Round coin featuring an orange with leaves at the top on white/silver background. Black border with text, gold trim

This striking challenge coin is a great example of a business challenge coin. It serves a purpose, showcases the business' goods and services, and does so with a clean design. It's a simple yet effective design that honors the synergy of two companies. We take pride in every coin we design and provide businesses with a unique challenge coin they will be proud of.

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