Commemorate Naval Service With Navy Challenge Coins!

Commemorate Naval Service With Navy Challenge Coins!

Commemorate Navy life with custom challenge coins

Navy challenge coins have become an essential icon of Navy life. From SECNAV down to the newest sailor, coins are passed throughout the ranks to promote camaraderie and a sense of belonging.

The U.S. Navy surely is something special. Since its founding in 1775 to today, the Navy has protected the United States and the world from anyone who would deny us freedom. Custom challenge coins have long been a part of this history. They are an excellent way to commemorate the vital role the Navy has played in our nation's freedom.

At, we specialize in creating the finest in custom challenge coins of all kinds. We've produced coins for the Navy and every other branch of the U.S. Armed Forces for more than 15 years. We were selected to create the official challenge coins in honor of the final deployment of the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) in 2012.

No matter if you are looking to commemorate a specific deployment, mission, or ship assignment, Navy challenge coins are a remarkable way to do so. Our talented team of graphic artists will assist you in creating challenge coins that will perfectly reflect your Navy experience.

We have resources and the talent to produce the perfect coins to match your specific design. No matter what aspect of Navy life you want to celebrate, we can make it happen.

Consider what you want your coins to look like. Do you want a standard round coin, or something different? Want your coins to be in the shape of your ship? No problem whatsoever. Custom shapes have become increasingly popular among military units of all kinds.

Next, think about the metal color you want for your custom coins. We offer choices of gold, silver, brass, copper or black nickel, all of which come in either polished or antiqued finishes. We also have duotone coins that combine two metal colors for a striking look.

If you want to create something completely new or reproducer an existing one, count on our graphic artists. We will help you craft the perfect design for your needs. We can add color as well, to one or both sides.

Other outstanding options include diamond-cut edges, translucent enamel, and sequential numbering, which can add to the charm and allure of your coin.

We can produce as many, or as few coins as needed. Pricing is based on the size of the challenge coins and the number ordered. All other things being equal, the larger the coin, the more it costs. Conversely, the more coins ordered, the lower the cost per coin.

No matter what size coins, or what size order you need, you can rest assured that has the lowest price you will find. If you do find a lower price on identical coins, we’ll gladly match or beat it.

The bottom line when you're ordering challenge coins is the experience. You want a company that has demonstrated the ability to make custom Navy challenge coins right. One that believes in giving customers great value and that knows what real customer service means.

You can count on for all your Navy challenge coin needs! 

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