Getting The Most Out Of Custom 3D Challenge Coins

Getting The Most Out Of Custom 3D Challenge Coins

A few tips to help maximize the appeal of 3D challenge coins

We have previously examined the differences between 2D and 3D challenge coins. Today, we dive deeper into 3D designs. Custom 3D molds are one of the best ways to add depth and character to a challenge coin. However, creating a 3D challenge coin isn't as simple as changing colors and coin size. All 3D coins come with extra considerations for your original idea, including the use of colors and recommended sizing. Today we look at a few tips and tricks that will allow you to get the most out of your 3D challenge coins. 

First, make sure to choose a subject with depth. It's true that 3D images are always eye-catching thanks to highlighted details and depth that gets flattened by the standard mold. But 3D molds won't automatically make any design or feature pop. Flat images and simple shapes will look as flat as they do in your concept. A 3D mold simply brings out existing depth and detail. This means that subjects with a lot of texture will benefit the most from a 3D coin. Consider using images such as buildings, animals, faces, or anything with metalwork. Any images with curved, realistic details will stand out in a 3D perspective. If you are working with a drawing or artwork, ensure that the image has dimension and detail that can be enhanced with a 3D perspective. 

When creating a 3D coin, it's advisable to limit the use of color. Color is typically added to the recessed areas of a challenge coin. However, 3D challenge coins do not have traditional recessed and raised areas. The sloped, curved design of 3D challenge coins will limit the color you can add, and many of these textures can't hold paint. That doesn't mean you cannot add color, however. You can add color to the edge of 3D coins, giving a nice contrast to the overall layout. You can also add visual variation with dual plating. Combining two different plating options creates a defining image that adds distinction. This offers the best of both worlds, providing a dose of color and character . 

Another way to further elevate your custom 3D challenge coin is by opting for antique plating. High polish plating options will obscure the details of your 3D design, shining over the recessed areas of the coin. Antique plating creates darker regions in the recess areas, while the raised surfaces look clearer. This will also help bring out the texture details found in your artwork. That doesn't mean that high-polish finishes won't work. They are often better suited for designs with flatter surfaces. 

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