Our 5 Favorite Examples of 3D Challenge Coins

Our 5 Favorite Examples of 3D Challenge Coins

These stunning challenge coins showcase some of our favorite 3D-style designs.

Challenge coins have a long-standing tradition in the military. They are a symbol of camaraderie and dedication. Over time, custom challenge coins have become popular in other organizations and groups. One of the most recent developments is the incorporation of 3D designs, which add a level of depth and detail to these coins. 

Below we showcase some exceptional 3D challenge coins, including a tribute to the Vietnam War veterans, a Navy mom challenge coin, and a police challenge coin. The unique designs make each coin a true work of art. Each coin embodies attention to detail of the design,  highlighting the artistry that custom 3D coins can achieve.

Houlton Station Challenge Coin

Round silver challenge coin belonging to Houlton Station in Houlton, Maine.

This exceptional custom coin is a stunning example of a meticulously balanced 3D design. At its center lies a vivid depiction of the area around Houlton Station, the border patrol station in Houlton, Maine. The 3D image showcases a majestic moose amidst fields, rolling hills, and wind turbines, all with contrasting elements that accentuate each element with striking precision.

The coin's silver foundation is an ideal choice, as it provides contrast to its intricate raised and recessed components. A green border surrounding the main image draws the viewer's gaze toward the captivating elements of the design. In contrast, a slender yellow border encircling the coin's perimeter adds a refined touch. Lastly, "Houlton Station" is elegantly inscribed on the bottom edge of the coin. Every component of this coin harmonizes seamlessly, culminating in a crisp, polished aesthetic that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

3D Police Challenge Coin

Rectangular 3D silver police challenge coin.

This outstanding custom challenge coin not only embodies the essence of a striking police coin, but also showcases an exemplary 3D design. Unlike a conventional round coin, this one adopts a distinctive flag-shaped contour, with a black and white American flag as its backdrop. One of the flag's white stripes is adorned in blue, symbolizing the values of justice, freedom, bravery, and solidarity.

A vivid 3D image of a kneeling police officer clutching a folded American flag pays homage to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty at the centerpiece of the design. The coin's resplendent gold base accentuates each element with incredible clarity, lending a regal touch to the coin's overall aesthetics. The interplay of the blue line and flag, the polished black elements, and the officer's image, all rendered in 3D, interlock impeccably to create a breathtakingly cohesive design that will leave a lasting impression.

3D Navy Mom Challenge Coin

Custom-shaped Navy challenge coin.

This distinctive coin incorporates several distinctive elements that set it apart from the rest. The coin's custom shape ingeniously mimics a lifebuoy found on ships, boats, and other vessels. A precision-cut portion at the center creates a realistic effect, while four loops encircling the exterior hold a piece of  rope to symbolize the connecting line. Three oars gracefully perch atop the lifebuoy, each featuring a different element on the paddle end. One paddle displays the Navy symbol, and the other two proudly bear the words "Navy Mom."

The 3D aspects of the coin, crafted in different metal options, stand out brilliantly with their intricate details. The antique finish of the oars provides a stark contrast to the lifebuoy, allowing each component to shine in its own right. The outstanding attributes are sharp and precise, while the unique shape and added elements, such as the rope, lend a distinct texture and meaning. This coin is one of our favorites, thanks to its exceptional shape and thoughtful details, making it an excellent addition to any collection.

Vietnam Service Challenge Coin

Round 3D challenge coin honoring veterans of the Vietnam War.

This remarkable coin is not only an attractive commemorative military challenge coin but also a perfect representation of a 3D coin. The coin's design pays tribute to the veterans of the Vietnam War, highlighting their dedicated service with vivid imagery. The coin features an antique gold base that complements the center's faded black background. In the center, a 3D image of bamboo with a dragon in the background adds depth and meaning to the coin.

The words "Republic of Vietnam Service" sit below the intricate imagery, adding to the coin's symbolism. A thin green ring encircles the design, providing a contrasting pop of color and completing the coin's overall aesthetic. The coin's well-balanced, concise, and clean design perfectly showcases its 3D elements. It is a fitting tribute to those who served their country with bravery and honor during the Vietnam War.

Big Blind Challenge Coin

Round 3D challenge coin with intricate 3D details.

This beautiful coin is a showcase of exceptional 3D design and meticulously crafted details. The coin includes a rich antique gold base that provides a perfect backdrop to highlight the intricacies of the design. The coin's center boasts a striking filigree design with elaborate 3D linework. Skillfully raised and recessed filigree surrounds the circular center, creating a stunning visual effect in a large border.

The coin's center also features a large ribbon that waves through the design with the text "Big Blind" rendered in clear, vivid typography. The designers thoughtfully crafted each design element to highlight the beauty of fine lines and create a breathtaking aesthetic. The intricate elements and superior craftsmanship achieved an excellent example of the artistry showcased in this coin.

3D coins are a testament to the evolution and versatility of the traditional military coin. From military units to law enforcement agencies and corporate organizations, these coins have become a popular form of recognition and reward. The coins above are true works of art, showcasing the extraordinary creativity and attention to detail that goes into creating a 3D challenge coin. Find out more about designing custom 3D coins and get started making a challenge coin that is meaningful and unique.

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