Marketing With Custom Challenge Coins

Rick Cundiff - May 3, 2019
Marketing With Custom Challenge Coins

Businesses throughout the world are always looking innovative ways to market their products and services. Forward-thinking companies large and small are discovering the benefits of marketing with custom challenge coins.

What Are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are simply custom coins created with the image, logo or text of a customer’s choice. They get the name challenge coins from their history in the U.S. Armed Forces, dating back as early as 1917. There are several stories about the origins of military coins, none of them provable.

The “challenge” part of the name comes from the military tradition of soldiers with coins from a specific unit challenging each other to show their coins. Those who cannot do so when challenged must buy the next round of drinks.

Long a part of the military lore, challenge coins have migrated into the civilian world in recent years, although typically without the challenge aspect.

Using Custom Challenge Coins in Business

Custom challenge coins have myriad applications in the business world. They’re an excellent way to showcase your company or brand.

Custom coins are an excellent way to say “thank you” to high-value customers or suppliers. They’re ideal for employee motivational awards such as completing major projects. They offer tangible recognition of a job well done or a long-sought goal finally reached.

If you’re looking for a way to commemorate major accomplishments like the opening of a new factory, specific sales or revenue goals or the anniversary of the business, consider using custom coins. With the right design, coins become a sentimental keepsake, valued for carrying or display.

Custom challenge coins also can be used to increase public awareness of an organization. They can be sold as fundraisers for nonprofit organizations and public agencies such as fire and police departments.

At Challenge Coins 4 Less, we feature a fantastic range of sizes, styles, and options for your custom coins. If you want custom shapes, we can do that. Cutouts? No problem. Diamond-cut edges, custom colors on your design? Just let us know.

If you already have a logo or trademark, we can reproduce it precisely. If you don’t yet have a design or want something new, we can do that too. Our award-winning graphic artists are among the best in the industry. We don’t charge for artwork or revisions, either. That means you can be sure your coins will look exactly the way you want before production begins.

We use the finest quality materials and state of the art equipment to create your custom challenge coins, subject to rigorous quality control. We inspect each coin by hand before we ship it to you. We are committed to giving you the finest custom coins you can buy.

We also stand behind every single coin we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It’s a straightforward promise – if you find any coin you purchase from us to be defective – in either materials or workmanship – we will gladly replace it at no extra charge to you. We’re that confident in the quality of our products.

At Challenge Coins 4 Less, we’re dedicated to giving you outstanding value, not just great products. That’s why we offer free shipping to any continental U.S.A. address as part of the sale. It’s also why we refuse to be undersold. If you find a lower price on identical custom coins, just let us know. We will match or beat that price.

When you’re ready to order custom challenge coins, call us toll-free at 855-272-8451, or fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form. What are you waiting for? Let us show you how marketing with custom challenge coins can benefit your organization!