Marketing With Custom Challenge Coins

Marketing With Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have myriad applications in the corporate world.

Businesses throughout the world are always looking for innovative ways to market their products and services. Forward-thinking companies large and small have discovered the benefits of marketing with custom challenge coins.

What Are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are simply customized coins created with the image, logo, or text of a customer’s choice. They get the name challenge coins from their history in the U.S. Armed Forces, dating back as early as 1917. Many argue the exact origins of the military challenge coin, with several different accounts told, though none of them can be proved. 

The “challenge” part of the name comes from the military tradition of soldiers with coins from a specific unit challenging each other to show their coins. When challenged, those who cannot do so must buy the next round of drinks. Long a part of the military lore, challenge coins have migrated into the civilian world in recent years, although typically without the challenge aspect.

Using Custom Challenge Coins in Business

Challenge coins have myriad applications in the corporate world. They’re an excellent way to showcase your brand. Challenge coins are ideal for saying “thank you” to high-value customers or suppliers. They’re great for employee motivational awards such as completing major projects. Challenge coins are a tangible recognition of a job well done or a long-sought goal finally being reached. If you’re looking for a way to commemorate significant accomplishments like opening a new factory, specific sales or revenue goals, or a special anniversary, consider using custom coins. 

Marketing With Challenge Coins

Marketing is crucial, and challenge coins offer a novel way to raise awareness. It's easy to produce an outstanding coin that potential clients will notice. A well-designed challenge coin should feature a logo or image relevant to the business and informative text. These coins make fantastic conversation starters and get people intrigued about what it portrays. Non-profit organizations and public agencies such as fire and police departments sell exclusive challenge coins for fundraisers. Create custom coins as business cards or add them to a merchandise lineup. A notable coin will leave a lasting impact. 

Challenge coins offer a strong, positive first impression. They are a fresh, inventive way to bring awareness to any company and a remarkable tool for promotional purposes. Designing an exquisite corporate challenge coin is simple. Find out more about corporate coins here

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