Shining Examples of Gold Challenge Coins

Shining Examples of Gold Challenge Coins

Gold can take your challenge coin design to the next level.

Custom challenge coins have a long history as a symbol of honor and achievement.  Military, law enforcement, and other organizations use custom coins to commemorate special events or recognize outstanding service.

People highly prize gold coins among the many coin options available for their luxurious appearance and undeniable shimmer. Below, we showcase five exceptional gold challenge coins created by our team at

Each of these coins has a unique design and features, making it a shining example of excellence. Whether you're seeking inspiration for your own custom coin or appreciate the beauty of each coin, let's examine the details of these five remarkable coins.

Simply Gold

Polished gold challenge coin belonging to US Cellular.

This exquisite gold challenge coin exemplifies the quality and beauty of its metal. The coin's layout is simple yet striking, using the texture and the golden hue to make a lasting impression. The circular shape has a polished gold finish, and the US Cellular logo is at the center. 

The top of the coin is inscribed with "Leadership Summit," while the bottom bears the year "2022," both in a smooth and precise manner that contrasts beautifully with the rough surface of the background. The texture provides a visual contrast and enhances the text's visibility. 

The coin's design is completed with a thin glossy border, drawing the eye to the artwork and adding an element of refinement. This gold challenge coin is a prime example of how subtle yet unique elements can elevate a simple concept to extraordinary heights.

Details of Gold

Polished gold military challenge coin for Senior Defense Official and Defense Attache, Jennifer B. Jones.

This military challenge coin is a stunning representation of the traditional round shape, featuring a polished gold base contrasting with a dark blue backdrop. The coin's center includes a stylized rendition of the U.S. Army's eagle logo, with thin gold lines outlining the eagle and white interior sections providing contrast. 

Above the eagle is the name "Jennifer B. Jones," and below it reads "Senior Defense Official and Defense Attache." The eagle and gold text stand out vividly against the dark background, encircled by a thin gold border and a larger border decorated with rope and chain details. 

The top of the coin boasts a gold banner with blue text that says "Captain" that finishes off the coin. This gold challenge coin is a masterful blend of color and craftsmanship.

Gold in 3D

Gold 3D challenge coin for Lt. Col. John T. R. Howell.

This custom challenge coin is a fantastic example of blending 3D design, gold details, and color to create a memorable piece. While maintaining the traditional round shape, this coin stands out with its impressive intricacy. 

The center of the coin features a polished gold 3D image of a soldier on horseback, creating a vivid action image. The dark blue backdrop enhances the contrast and depth of the design, making every component stand out. The solid gold border surrounding the center of the coin is thick and adorned with emblems and blue text that matches the background. The top of the coin includes the text "Lt. Col. John T. R. Howell," and the bottom displays "2020 - 2021." The space between the text features Masonic and Army cavalry logos in blue. 

An oblique cut edge completes the look, providing a reflective surface emphasizing each detail. This challenge coin is genuinely remarkable.  The coin incorporates distinctive gold elements, and showcases an exceptional use of color and 3D imagery.

Blending Color and Gold

Round polished gold challenge coin belonging to the city of of New Orleans, Louisiana.

This distinctive coin features a blend of polished gold, vibrant colors, and unparalleled attention to detail. The coin is round, and the intricate New Orleans city seal is in the center. The artwork is richly embellished, with blue, green, and brown hues complementing the gold base that outlines each segment. 

The central imagery is encircled by a thick border of dark blue, featuring gold text reading "City of New Orleans" along the top and "Louisiana" underneath. The textured white border surrounding the coin is also thick and features small gold outlines. The area between the borders includes the numbers "21-37053" at the top, while the bottom reads "8/30 - 9/11/2021." 

This coin's perfect combination of color and gold elements produces an elegant and refined aesthetic. Each element is distinctive, and the hues complement and contrast one another perfectly, making it a unique addition to any collection.

Textures of Gold

Polished gold challenge coin for Camp Happy Days.

This particular coin showcases a striking combination of texture, art, and color. The coin incorporates a shimmering gold base set against a textured background in the center. Above the backdrop lies a vibrant yellow ribbon that rests atop an elaborate dragon logo. The dragon is outlined in gold and filled with intricate black and red details. It holds a sign reading "Alliance." 

A flat gold border surrounds the logo, and the text "Camp Happy Days" appears across the top, while "Kids Kickin' Cancer" appears along the bottom. A thin red border runs around the text, complemented by a slash-cut edge that provides a stylish finishing touch. 

Using a gold base lends a timeless look to the coin while allowing each element to stand out. The texture offers a unique aesthetic that enhances the overall coin.

The five gold challenge coins highlighted in this post are excellent representations of the exceptional craftsmanship offered by From refined and understated challenge coin designs to vibrant and textured coins, each features a distinctive and memorable appearance that makes them ideal for commemorating important occasions or acknowledging outstanding achievements.

These gold coins provide great creative ideas for those seeking inspiration for their custom challenge coin. Browse our coin gallery to explore additional examples of extraordinary gold challenge coins.

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