Choosing The Right Size For Your Custom Challenge Coin

Choosing The Right Size For Your Custom Challenge Coin

Be sure your custom challenge coins are the right size for your design needs

When you decided to order custom challenge coins, it's important to have the right design for your needs. There a lot of decisions to make when ordering custom challenge coins, one of the most important being the sizing. There are a number of different factors that will determine which challenge coin size is perfect for your needs.

Typical Challenge Coin Size!
Challenge coin vary greatly in size. However, the most common size option is about 2 inches in diameter. Depending on your needs, they can be created larger and smaller. This size is most common because it offers the best balance between space for design, weight, portability, and visual impact. However, that doesn't mean that this is the best size for everyone's needs. Below you will find other factors to consider when deciding which size is best for you.

Deciding on the design is one of the first steps in creating a custom coin. Laying out your design beforehand will assist in choosing the best sizing option. If you want a coin with a lot of details, a larger size is the better option. A larger coin will allow those details to show through, offering an eye-catching appeal that will set them apart. If you want a more simple design, a smaller coin will be just as effective. Considering how much you want to put on the coin will help you determine which size is best.

Your budget is undoubtedly an important factor when deciding the best coin size. The price per coin increases as the size of the coin increases. Details designs, adding color, or if you are putting a design on both sides of the coin will all affect the coin price. Finding the balance between all of these elements are key in crafting a coin that fits into your budget. Purpose! It's also important to factor in the purpose of your coin. Do you want it to be something that people can carry around? Do you think that the design should be displayed? A large coin is great for displaying, offering a unique to showcase your coins.

The Perfect Size!
Picking a challenge coin size can seem overwhelming. Determine ahead of time your budget, purpose, and design. This will help simplify the process, while our team of graphic designs will assist you in every step of your coin design process. Let ChallengeCoins4Less show you how easy creating a custom challenge coin can be. Please send us an e-mail, get a free quote, and let us design the perfect challenge coin for you.