Creating & Designing Custom Challenge Coins On A Budget

Creating & Designing Custom Challenge Coins On A Budget

Custom coins and challenge coins have a wide range of uses, designs, and functions. However, the best part about creating your own is that you are in complete control over...

Jesse Daugherty

Custom coins and challenge coins have a wide range of uses, designs, and functions. However, the best part about creating your own is that you are in complete control over the entire process. No matter what type of coin you are looking for, we will produce a high-quality custom coin for you, from memorial coins to corporate coins. Brands, businesses, and organizations are always looking for innovative ways to market themselves, and custom coins can help. However, many are working with smaller budgets these days, but we will help.

At, we offer affordable custom coins, and we can work with any budget to create something unique. Today we take a look at a few tips that will help you save money on your order while still getting quality coins. From budget-friendly details to ways you might save over your entire order, below, you will learn about custom coin pricing and the best budget-saving ways to design them.

Understanding coin pricing is important. The cost of every custom challenge coin order is based on three key elements: the size of coins, the number of coins in the order, and the selection of custom options. Having a grasp on these three areas will help you get a handle on your order's final price. Below we get into detail about how these three things determine your quote and a few ways that you may minimize costs as well.

One of the essential details of a custom coin is the type. There are many coin types to choose from, but when working within a budget, it’s better to keep things simple. Die-struck coins are the most cost-effective option, which is one reason they are so popular. Of course, like any other coin, die-struck coins can be customized to include text, imagery, textures, and other details. A simple high-polish finish is the most affordable option, though adding an antique finish is an excellent way to add a striking look. Generally speaking, die-struck coins are unpainted, though you may include color for a design that stands out. Remember, the more custom options you add, including color, the higher your final total. But, we’ll get into that below.

As we just mentioned, adding color can make any custom coin pop. However, adding colors to your coin will greatly impact the bottom line. In order to keep within your budget while adding color to your design, aim for seven colors or less. You can also use your coin’s plating as a color option. This is perfect for backgrounds and linework, adding a different contrast to any artwork or text. Adding more than seven colors will add additional production fees, which means a higher total at the end. Consider your options when adding color, and choose wisely!

Size matters when it comes to ordering custom coins. Both the size of the coin and the size of your order. Custom coins can be crafted in nearly any size, but smaller coins have the most value. Larger coins require special molds and additional material, which raises the cost. A smaller size coin is always a great bet when working with a budget. Many challenge coins are 1.75” or 2.00”, and staying within that range will provide the best price. This allows for plenty of detail, allowing space for text, imagery, and other important information to your design.

Now let’s speak about the size of the order. The more coins you add to your order, the more money you save per coin. With larger orders, the unit price drops. So, if you are considering using custom coins for merchandise, fundraising, or even giveaways, save some money and get some additional product. This will benefit you in the end!

Here at, we know custom challenge coins. We have over fifteen years of experience making custom coins of all shapes and sizes. Our team of graphic artists and designers understand what it takes to make a high-quality custom coin, no matter the budget. Count on unbeatable prices along with the finest customer service you’ll find anywhere. No matter what kind of custom coins you have in mind, we can bring them to life. We make it easy too! Simply get a free quote or email us! We’d be happy to assist you!