What is the most popular size for a challenge coin?

Two-inch coins are our best selling size. Coins typically range from 1.5” to 3”. They can be even larger if you want a custom shape. The choice is up to you, but most of our customers find the 2” coin the perfect size for their design. It’s large enough to allow an intricate design, and carries enough weight to feel substantial, without weighing down a pocket.

Challenge coin sizes compared to US quarter
How will your coin measure up?

Keep in mind that for any given size, a round shape will give you the largest area for your custom design (and the biggest bang for your buck!). During the production process, the material starts out round. In order to get a square or rectangular shape, the outside of the circle is trimmed off, leaving a square or rectangle. The net result is a smaller usable area.

2 Inch Coin Sample (Round and Custom Shaped)

All Examples pictured below are 2 inches

round shape
polygonal shape
dog tag shape
square shape
Coin Area
Lost Space
Where the coin will measure 2"