UF Health Jacksonville

UF Health Jacksonville

We helped UF Health Jacksonville honor their medical mentors.

At ChallengeCoins4Less.com, we are passionate about the art of crafting custom coins. Among our most cherished projects is the custom challenge coin we recently had the privilege to design for UF Health Jacksonville. 

Our challenge was to create a custom coin that resonated with the spirit and ethos of UF Health Jacksonville, to be a source of inspiration and appreciation for the remarkable work carried out by these exceptional individuals.

To achieve UF Health’s objectives for their coin design, we worked closely with Natalie Van Lenten, Training and Development Coordinator. We sought to create a design to showcase the healthcare profession's values, paying homage to the commitment and dedication of the UF Health community members. 

Recognizing Excellence

Challenge coins are a time-tested means of recognizing outstanding efforts of military members, first responders, and dedicated employees of all kinds. UF Health Jacksonville sought a coin to honor the tireless efforts of their doctors, nurses, technicians, and other healthcare workers. 

 Whether presented to commemorate achievements, recognize years of service, or recognize outstanding contributions, challenge coins have become cherished mementos in the healthcare profession, embodying the dedication of those who perform on the front lines of patient care.

UF Health Jacksonville

UF Health Jacksonville is a widely acclaimed and highly respected healthcare organization dedicated to providing medical care and spearheading advancements in healthcare across the Jacksonville, Florida region. As an integral component of the University of Florida Health System, UF Health Jacksonville offers a comprehensive array of medical services, including hospitals, specialized clinics, and research facilities.

"We are a group of 80 clinical specialty sites located throughout northeast Florida," Van Lenten said.

UF Health physicians extend their expertise and commitment to Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, ensuring access to high-quality healthcare services across the region. UF Health Jacksonville’s community involvement offers improved health, well-being, and enhanced quality of life for all individuals under their care.

Honoring Mentors

Our collaboration with UF Health gave us an opportunity to design unique, distinctive custom challenge coins. UF Health Jacksonville has established a mentoring program to cultivate the growth and development of future leaders within their organization. 

In a display of recognition for the contributions made by mentors, UF Health Jacksonville chose to honor the mentors with custom challenge coins.  

"The coins are part of a banquet celebration given to the mentors at the end of the mentor cycle," Van Lenten said. 

This gesture recognizes the dedication and guidance provided by the mentors and reinforces the importance of cultivating the leaders of tomorrow within UF Health.

The front of the coin features the UF Health logo as its focal point, set against a textured gold base. Enclosed inside a broad border, the logo offers a branding element that enhances the coin's appeal. At the top of the border, a ribbon proudly showcases the text  “Jacksonville.” The words “Heal, Educate, Discover, Comfort,” representing the organization's core values and mission, encircle the logo.

In addition to the meticulous attention to detail, UF Health wanted to incorporate 3D elements into the design.

"The 3D rendering of the design is a key component to your success as a company and is what sets you apart from your competitors. The 3D renderings were crisp, clear, and showed the details of the coin that we were designing," Van Lenten said. 

The coin's reverse side features a striking visual composition. Crafted with a polished gold base, the round coin immediately draws attention. The centerpiece is a carefully crafted torch, rendered in exquisite detail using the gold metal base, set against a contrasting black background. 

Encircling the central imagery is a broad gold border, which enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the coin. Adding a touch of distinction, the top of the border proudly displays the text “Official UF Health Mentor,” while the bottom features the words “Recognition Coin.” A cross-cut edge, completes the coin, adding an element of elegance.

Our designers carefully selected every aspect of the coin to honor those who have completed the mentor program. Each element serves as a reminder of their dedicated service and sacrifices in healthcare. This coin is a true testament to the passion, work ethic, and duties carried out by the experts of UF Health Jacksonville.  

Consistent Customer Service

This was the first time we had the opportunity to work with UF Health. Van Lenten appreciated our attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship.

“The designers were great, and the product is fantastic,” she said.

Throughout dealing with different members of our staff, we maintained a consistent focus on customer service and quality, Van Lenten said.

“We didn’t always get the same associate, but that didn’t matter because your back-end operations are very tight. Your designers were informative, quick to adjust, and knowledgeable about things that we were not knowledgeable in." 

 "Great work,” she added. “Buy your staff a round of beers! You have fantastic designers and customer service. The next time I need [promotional products], I will remember this company.”

Thank You, UF Health Jacksonville

It is a privilege for us to collaborate with organizations like UF Health Jacksonville to produce custom challenge coins that hold deep meaning. We appreciate the opportunity to serve an organization doing so much for the community, and look forward to future collaborations.


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