Choosing The Right Options For Your Army Challenge Coins

Choosing The Right Options For Your Army Challenge Coins

Custom options enhance your custom Army challenge coins

For decades, challenge coins have been a staple and a special part of Army life. In recent years, coin suppliers have offered a range of great-looking options that can be personalized and customized to great extents.

The traditional challenge coin dates back more than a century to the U.S. Army Air Service of World War I. At the time, aerial warfare was just getting started, and a wealthy lieutenant created the first custom coins for his Army Air Corps squad.

The origin story is that of one member of the squad mentioned before. The pilot was shot down and captured by German forces before eventually escaping to French territory. He was able to prove his identity to the French soldiers and solidified his safe return to his unit because they recognized the coin he carried. Had they not, he would have been executed because the French first believed him to be a German spy.

While the original coin designs were simple, they have grown to be quite intricate over the years. Today, you have a vast selection of options, from a classic monochromatic look, or much more colorful and detailed alternatives.

Other options worth mentioning include edge designs, cutouts, sequential numbering, and even custom shapes. When choosing the right options for your custom Army challenge coins, start with the metal color of your coins.

A reputable coin supplier will offer a range of choices, including gold, silver, brass, black nickel, copper, or even a duo-tone combination of two colors. Select between the standard polished metal or an antique look. It's your option. You know which suits your Army challenge coins best.

You can also add color to your designs as well. This allows the resulting image to stand out from the standard die-struck appearance boldly. A good coin provider will also offer custom shapes at no extra charge. You are not limited to just standard round coins.

Think about how your design would look in a unique shape. The graphic artists at your coin provider will work with you on every step of your design. This helps to ensure you get the best product, with the best design for your particular needs.

Cutouts can add a dramatic flair to many coin designs. The open space contrasts and highlights your chosen design. Combine those cutout options with diamond-cut coin edges for a bold, sharp look that standouts among the rest.

Want to add an additional message or comment to your coins? Engraved edge text makes it possible and adds another level of detail to your design. If you'd like to add an element of exclusivity to your custom Army challenge coins, your entire order can be sequentially numbered.

If you'd like to encourage recipients to use your coins regularly, you can even turn them into bottle openers or keychains. Your coin supplier can advise you on what styles and options will work best for your needs. No matter what options you choose for your coins, a reputable provider is a must.

At, we have more than 15 years of experience creating great looking, quality custom coins for every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. We also offer outstanding prices, the most flexibility in coin design you will find anywhere, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Get a free quote or email us at [email protected] and let us show you how easy designing custom challenge coins can be!

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