I want something other than round coins. Is that possible?

Of course! Since all our products are custom, that means their shape can be too. Talk to our sales staff for more info!

We’ve minted coins in all shapes and sizes, from a long thin bust of the state of Tennessee to a near picture-perfect recreation of an F-35 cast in gold. Whatever whacky idea you have, our experienced salespeople can confirm if it’s possible to manufacture.

We sell custom challenge coins, but in reality, we are a full service promotional product company that deals in custom metalwork other than just coins. That's why we're also some of the best in the biz when it comes to custom shaped coins! We love taking on creative orders that push the envelope at the factory and get our craftspeople excited. Not every custom shaped coin is created equal however, so here are some tips if you have something out-of-the-box in mind:

Sizing, and therefore pricing, will be different from our standard rates. Custom coins are measured between their widest points, meaning a 2" round coin will measure 2" any way across, but a coin in the shape of an aircraft may be measured from tip to tail, wing to wing, or diagonally across the body depending on the design. We measure the widest points because your coins will need to be custom cut from metal blanks that are at least that big. If you order a 1.5" custom shaped jet coin, you may be very disappointed to receive what look like planes for ants.

Examples of custom-shaped coins
Examples of custom-shaped coins

Not all shapes are manufacturable, either. While we boast about a Tennessee-shaped coin, that order was extremely tricky due to its long, thin outline. Even at 3" long, the actual "meat" of the state was barely 1" wide, and didn't leave much room for other design elements. Make sure the shape you're choosing has enough space to logically include the rest of your design.

And most importantly, if you're ever unsure or have any questions about the validity of your design, always ask a sales rep! We've been doing this a long time and are in constant communication with our factory. We'll need to custom quote your order since it falls outside our standard offerings, and our sales team has a pretty good idea of what will fly and what won't when it comes to actually producing your design. Even if you somehow leave them confused with your genius, we can double-check with our production team for a final call to see if your coins are producible or need any adjustments to manufacture.