What items should I look for on my proof once I receive it?

Once you receive your free digital proof, we recommend viewing it on a monitor or tablet for spotting fine details. It should include your name and file number right at the top, along with your coin's size. Double check to make sure this information is correct. Take a look at the design itself; is it missing anything? Did we cover everything you outlined for us, or was something lost in translation?

Next, check for spelling and grammar. Since everything we do is custom, we want to make sure there are no typos before the coins head off to production. Designs we produce tend to include personal names, locations, codes, and phrases in different languages that may not be common knowledge and need double-checking. Of course, that doesn't account for the old honest mistake or wrong keystroke, so please bear with us if you find an error. Nothing about your design is set in stone until we have your express written approval, and all proofs include free revisions until that design is perfect. Bear in mind, however, that your final approval tells us that the spelling and grammar are correct. We are not responsible for any typographical errors that you don't catch before production begins.

Lastly, check to make sure the colors and any other options included are correct. Your proof includes a color legend that lists each PantoneĀ® shade to be used. If any colors are incorrect, or you have a specific PantoneĀ® to match, please send us the PMS code for revisions. Your proof will also list any extra options like 3D, edge engraving, or bottle openers for verification.