What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a technique used to fill recessed space in a coin design with a subtle sandpaper-like texture (without the rough feel, of course!) This helps to create depth, break up designs, and reduce glare on shinier coins.

Example of a sandblasted coin showing detail
Example of a sandblasted coin showing detail

Sandblasting on challenge coins functions much the same way it does in other trades and industries. Sandblasting metal gives it a slight texture, filling the recessed areas with tiny, almost imperceptible dots -- much like sand! This doesn't make the coins rough, however. In fact, you can barely feel it when you run a finger across it.

Visually, sandblasting often looks like a fine layer of fresh snow or gold leaf foil sparkling in the recesses of your design.

Functionally, this helps bring complexity and depth to otherwise simple or sparse designs. It also helps polished coins in particular, as the reflective property of polished metal can make designs difficult to see in direct light. Sandblasting around the design helps deflect some of the light so your design is clean and beautiful no matter how you hold it!

The best part? Sandblasting is FREE!