What type of format does my artwork need to be in?

We prefer vector (.ai, .pdf, etc.), but almost anything works; even a photo of a napkin sketch!

The only things we can’t use are proprietary file types from certain graphics programs, like the Corel suite, for example. If you have a design that’s been exported as one of these uncommon file types, we kindly ask that it be converted to a vector format before we proceed.

Our art team primarily uses Adobe products, as is the industry standard. Therefore, if you're submitting design files, we do prefer vector formatted artwork like .ai, .pdf, .svg, and .eps. However, we know this is a best case scenario and not everyone has the software or tools we do, so we're happy to accept everything from basic .jpg elements to sketches you've drawn of your proposed design!

Designer working on a coin design on a computer
We prefer vector formatted artwork like .ai, .pdf, .svg, and .eps

If you've been working in software that exports images as proprietary filetypes, we kindly request that they be converted to a common file format first. Otherwise, we won't be able to open your files and therefore won't be able to proceed with your proof. Thanks in advance for your understanding!