How do I ensure the colors are right on my coins?

Our art proofs include a legend listing the exact colors used, so you can check for accuracy on receipt!

Close-up view of customer proof, highlighting the PMS color legend
Close-up view of customer proof, highlighting the PMS® color legend

All proofs, including the final design proof that needs your approval before we start production, contain a visual legend with every single color used and their corresponding Pantone Matching System® code. The Pantone system assigns a number to every color. Matching this number - via a Pantone guide available at art supply stores and many public libraries - is the way to ensure you get exactly the colors you want. It’s also the best way to verify once you get the coins in hand! If any colors were missed or filled incorrectly in manufacturing, simply reach out to your salesperson with photo evidence and we’ll be happy to remake your order.